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Monaco Telecom looks to the future

Monaco Telecom looks to the future - Monaco Tribune
Monaco Telecom looks to the future - Monaco Tribune

The CEO of Monaco Telecom presented the operator’s forthcoming offers, and there is definite change afoot!

“We heard the critiques of our services, especially during the national election campaign,” said Martin Péronnet during a press briefing on Tuesday, April 2nd. And the CEO of the only Monegasque telecommunications operator was visibly pleased to announce that the national company had completely revised its offer by diversifying and adapting it to the market price.

New subscription packages

On this last point, Monaco Telecom now offers new price ranges that are far more competitive than its previous offers. Two non-binding mobile offers are coming to clients under 26 years old. The Start Mini, a mobile package for children, can be purchased for 3.99 euros per month, which is quite frankly unbeatable!


As for home internet, the Box Mini revolutionizes the company’s current offer with a low monthly fee of 29.99 euros. This subscription also includes mobile discounts and storage capacity increases. “Our idea was to democratize our offers and offer a higher quality service at more affordable prices,” summarized Martin Péronnet.

One of the ongoing critiques concerned Monaco Telecom’s limited network coverage in certain areas of the city. This will subsequently be strengthened, especially in the border areas where it was particularly weak until now. Total coverage of tunnels, underground car parks and pedestrian galleries is even expected by the end of the year! It should also be noted that 25% of households will be eligible for fiber-optic internet service by 2020.

But the biggest news in Monaco this year is the arrival of 5G. After the summer, the Principality will become the first country covered by this technology, which is more efficient and more economical than the current 4G tech. All of Monaco Telecom’s mobile and internet services will integrate it.

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A diversified set of services adapted to all budgets with customer experience at the forefront of their approach… No doubt, Monaco Telecom has turned over a new leaf!

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.