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La Dolce Vita comes to the Casino Café de Paris

La Dolce Vita comes to the Casino Café de Paris
La Dolce Vita comes to the Casino Café de Paris

Saturday, July 6th, starting at 10 pm, enjoy the pleasures of the Dolce Vita with an exceptional party inside the Casino Café de Paris. A soiree with animations and surprises abound…

After evenings dedicated to the Roaring Twenties and Winter Chic, the Casino Café de Paris invites you to spend an evening enjoying the delights of the Dolce Vita. Hop into your time machine: head to the 1950s and forget all your worries. Because from here on the only things that count are pleasure, being carefree, the joy of living, and… games, of course. In the heart of so many slot machines and table games, one can’t help but shimmy with happiness. On normal days, the Café de Paris Casino, founded in 1968 and decorated in the Belle Epoque style, is already a sensory experience on its own, with its restaurant that welcomes diners at any time of the day or night, and its furnished terraces where one can continue to play while admiring a magnificent panorama.

A festive program

For this great festival on July 6th, the Casino Café de Paris has planned every detail for a total thematic immersive experience, with many surprises and several happenings that will punctuate the evening. My Monte-Carlo members will be able to go there starting at 7 pm with an opening for the general public at 10 pm. An event organized by the Société des Bains de Mer de Monte Carlo, whose inventiveness never seems to diminish. Time to play.


*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.