The salon du vintage lounge is installed under the tent of Fontvieille Saturday and Sunday. A concept already tried in several big cities in France to sell objects and retro clothes.

The current trend is that of retro. A fashion in which the salon du vintage, to be held on Saturday and Sunday under the tent of Fontvieille, promises to offer opportunities.

2 years ago, a demonstration of the same kind took place, without follow-up. This time, the organizers, who display “twelve years of experience and a presence in the largest cities of France”, promise the arrival of 150 exhibitors from all over Europe.


On the program: clothing, design, furniture, accessories, motorcycles, vinyls. And iconic objects: from the Minitel to the Pipistrello lamp, through walkmans or Atari consoles.

Each time, the creed is to say: “Come and pick a unique piece and responsibly consume vintage pieces that have already used their carbon footprint.”

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However, these objects travel. The show was in Toulouse at the end of September, in Rennes a fortnight ago, and it will be in Reims after Monaco.

In the Principality, the organizers have chosen, and this is unpublished, to make a nod to Karl Lagerfeld with a collection of exposed dresses of the brilliant creator who died last February.


Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm at the marquee of Fontvieille.

Price: 7 euros, free for children under 12 years old.