Koné rewarded for its elevators and escalators on the Nice tramway

The 29 escalators and 12 elevators installed by Koné in the four underground stations of the new east-west tramway line in Nice won the Technologies Prize of the Fifth Elevator Trophies organised by the Federation of Elevators.

The elevator manufacturer received the Trophy in the Technologies category alongside the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis and the Essia project management group.


Since their installation in the four underground stations of Nice’s new West-East tramway line, the 12 elevators and 29 escalators have improved the daily mobility of 260,000 people by allowing users to be taken into account quickly and safely.

They are equipped with 24/7 Connected Services, a predictive maintenance solution developed by the elevator manufacturer in collaboration with IBM, which makes it possible to identify possible sources of failures and to intervene before they occur. Similarly, equipment maintenance cabinets have been relocated to facilitate the intervention of operating technicians at all times.