Eccity launches production of its new three-wheeled electric scooter

Eccity, the Grasse-based manufacturer of electric scooters, starts production of its three-wheeled model.

After three years of research and development, Eccity, the Grasse-based manufacturer of 100% electric two and three-wheel scooters, is launching the production of its Eccity Model 3 “designed for urban and peri-urban individuals as well as for local authorities and companies wishing to drive without polluting particulate emissions”, explains Christophe Cornillon, president and founder of Eccity Motorcycles.


What are the specific features of this three-wheeled model? Its two-wheel-drive at the rear and patented tilt system (up to 37┬░) ensure excellent handling, even on wet roads. In terms of range, its 6 kWh battery, rechargeable from a domestic socket or public kiosk, allows you to drive 100 km at a maximum speed of 110 km/h.

Other features: its braking distance is 20% better than traditional two-wheelers and a reverse gear that is very practical for manoeuvring.

All this for a price not exceeding “10,000 euros after deduction of the ecological bonus”.

The two-seater version of the Eccity Model 3 will be available for trial in Paris and Grasse from mid-November. Individuals, professionals and local authorities will be able to test three-wheelers. A professional version, the Eccity Model 3 Cargo, will also be available in Paris.

To book your scooter, simply visit Attention, to validate your reservation, the future buyer must pay the sum of 300 euros.