Alert around an attempted telephone fraud

The Public Security Services of Monaco have been seized of several attempts at fraud and one proven fraud by telephone, targeting residents of the Principality, whose numbers appear in the telephone directory with a first name that could hint at an advanced age.

Under a false pretext (risk of a large tax fine, for example), the caller, presenting himself as a member of the Monegasque Police Force or High Monegasque Institutions, is trying to extort large sums from them by bank transfer.


The scenario is well thought out: the swindler opens an account abroad in the name of the victim, to whom he then explains how to answer the questions of his bank advisor.

The con artist has complete control over the people contacted.

In the event of a similar call, it is advisable to be particularly vigilant and not to follow up. In the case in question, you should immediately notify the S├╗ret├ę Publique de Monaco (93 15 30 15), which will direct you to the specialised services.