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First recovery from coronavirus reported in Monaco

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While two new cases were revealed in Monaco on Thursday 19 March, the first person who tested positive for the novel coronavirus on 28 February has now recovered. 



The Principality’s health authorities were informed on Thursday 19 March that two samples tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the number of people affected by the novel coronavirus to 11. An investigation is underway in order to track down the movements of these people and identify those who were in contact with them over the last few days.

The Government of Monaco has also announced that the first positive case of COVID-19 identified on February 28th has now recovered from the virus.


Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive

Prince Albert II tested positive for Covid-19 according to a press release from the Princely Palace published on Thursday at 3.35 pm. The Sovereign is the first Head of State in the world to be affected by the virus. He is in good health and is being closely monitored by his doctor. The Prince continues to work from his office and is in constant contact with the members of his cabinet, his government and his closest colleagues.

“I want to reassure everyone. I am not in a hospital bed (touch wood). I continue to work in a reasonable manner of course. I am not going to do more than is necessary, but one must live as normally as possible even if one is confined,” said Prince Albert II in an exclusive interview with Monaco Matin.


How long does it take to recover from coronavirus

A few days, if it is a mild case. With a slightly more severe case – leading to breathing difficulties and hospitalisation – the patient usually recovers in 10-12 days. At the same time, very severe cases can take up to 20 days. The overwhelming majority of COVID-19 cases – about 80-85% – will lead to only mild symptoms. However, the mortality rate is currently estimated at 2%, which is 20 times more deadly than seasonal flu.


How to protect yourself against COVID-19