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Prince Albert II of Monaco tests positive for coronavirus

Prince Albert II
Monaco Info
Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive for Covid-19, according to a press release from the Princely Palace published on Thursday at 3:35 pm. The sovereign is the first head of state in the world to be affected by the virus.
“Prince Albert II of Monaco, who had been tested earlier this week, is positive for Covid-19,” said the press release from the Princely Palace. “His state of health does not inspire any concern. The Sovereign Prince is being closely monitored by his attending physician and specialists from the Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG). Prince Albert II continues to work from the office in his private apartments; he is in permanent contact with the members of his cabinet, his government and his closest collaborators”.At the end of his speech on Monaco Info on Tuesday 17 March, the Sovereign Prince made it clear that “the way out of this health crisis will depend on your ability to comply with the measures applied”.