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Noémie De Lattre, féministe pour hommes: how to be a feminist in suspenders

noemie de lattre feministe pour hommes play monaco feminism
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Combining elements of theatre and cabaret, stand-up and personal confession, renowned actress Noémie De Lattre is coming to Monaco with her new play Noémie De Lattre, féministe pour homme.



Her new spectacle hopes to talk about the different relationships between men and women that we can all identify with. Talking about career, family, advertising and sex, her performance is pulled off in body-con outfits, heels and plunging necklines, to juxtapose the old, stereotypical image that some have of a feminist.

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De Lattre hopes to transform these out-dated, negative connotations around being a feminist, bringing her own ideas to the definition. Its a show to make you laugh throughout all the while reflecting on what it means to be a feminist. At one point, you might even shed a tear.


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“It’s time to send your clichés about feminism back to the kitchens of the old world, from now on it’s a happy mix of punchlines, stripping, and dancing like Beyoncé,” writes FNAC.


The play opens with the provocative image of De Lattre in a skimpy outfit, beer bottle in hand and a very high heel placed on top of a football.


This is to be a time where everyone can reflect. The successful actress hopes to emphasise what she calls “the species in the making: the male feminist.” It’s not about pitting the sexes against each other; now is for advancing forward together.


Noémie de Lattre, féministe pour homme will run for 2 nights at Theatre des Muses, 12th – 14th March 2020. 16+

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