How will the Monte-Carlo Ballet get back to the studio?

The Monte-Carlo Ballet Company

Last Wednesday, each member of the Monte-Carlo Ballet company, including dancers, artistic staff, administration, and the technical team, received an antibody test carried out by the Monaco Red Cross. While they still have no confirmed date for their return to the studio, they have taken the first steps in getting back to the barre.

The ballet company was allowed to start training again on 4th May, although given the impossibility to enforce social distancing for the profession, the only way to ensure a safe return to the studio was through antibody testing. Each test came back negative.

Aside from this, the studios have been thoroughly disinfected, and the company gave dancers strict advice about the precautions needed to be taken, such as regular hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks and regular temperature taking. Antibacterial gel dispensers have also been installed in the studios.

monte carlo ballet company antibody test monaco

Alice Blangero via The Monte-Carlo Ballet Company

Training at home

For members of the company who can work from home, they will continue to do so until further notice. Given the inherently physical nature of the dancers’ profession and the significant lack of movement for which lockdown allowed, the training process will be gradual. During lockdown, the dancers had no opportunity to keep up regular practice, aside from some pilates, pointe and yoga classes held over Zoom.

With regular training and close monitoring by the ballet’s medical team, the company directors ensured dancers would be able to avoid incurring any injury due to reduced activity.

“Wake up” call 

Jean-Christophe Maillot, the Director and Choreographer of the Monte-Carlo Ballet, featured in a video released by the company last week to encourage the Principality to wear masks when going outside.

As we slowly emerge from confinement, we have realised that dance is an art unlike any other. Movement needs flesh and space to exist. To reduce the space for a dancer is to deprive them of their body, for an apartment can never be a stage and a wall can never be a partner. The company of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo resumes the path to the Atelier and hopes to see you again very soon.