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French Riviera start-up BiOceanOr raises €1.5 million to “digitalise the global blue economy”

French Riviera start-up BiOceanOr

Based in the Sophia-Antipolis Technopole, the French Riviera’s answer to Silicon Valley, the company announced on June 8th that it had raised €1.5 million in funds to help accelerate its technological advancements and open up to the international market.

The funds come as a new step in BioOceanOr’s development, a young company created in 2018 and specialised in blue tech. The start-up has managed to raise the sum of €1.5 million by welcoming funds from Région Sud Investment, Inventures Investment Partners and Blue Oceans Partners.


AI-equipped weather station

BioOceanOr is known to have developed AquaREAL, an underwater AI-equipped weather station, which measures water quality 24 hours a day in real-time. It can also provide predictions on target measurements (salt levels, cloudiness, pH, amongst many others) for the coming 48 hours. Useful for many different industries related to the ocean, the innovative tool can be used in fishing, environmental monitoring or beach monitoring

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Through fund-raising, the company will be able to advance its technological developments by setting up a team in Norway which will work with local partners. The objective is also to deploy these underwater weather stations internationally, in countries such as Norway, Greece, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru and Chile. “BiOceanOr’s ambition is to become a leader in water quality management and in anticipation of its related risks,” said the company.