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Monaco has now has its own Padel Federation

fédération padel monaco agrément
Fédération de Padel Monaco

In a ministerial order published in the Journal de Monaco on 17th July, the Prince’s Government approved the Padel Federation Monaco, which will soon become the Monegasque Padel Federation.

After “six years of struggle” and “ten letters of request for approval”, the Padel Federation in Monaco was able to obtain its precious way into the world of Monaco’s many recognised sporting organisation. Created in 2014 by Philippe Sassier, the federation went to Rome in October 2019 for the padel European Championships. In the absence of stately approval, the players and organisers travelled to Italy using their own financial means.


Better structures, aid and development projects

It comes as a “relief” for Monegasque padel players, who will be able to “count on an official Federation, which will be able to work properly over time, with better structures, aid and development projects for the future of clubs, players and sport in the Principality,” explained the specialist publication Padel Magazine.

Created at the end of the 1960s, padel is a racket sport derived from tennis, played on a smaller court surrounded by walls and fencing. Very popular in Spanish-speaking countries, it is gradually gaining popularity abroad, especially among French-speaking people.

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