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Covid-19: Monaco prolongs unemployment benefits

Monaco Tribune


On 5 October, Monaco’s Minister of State Pierre Dartout announced that the Government would prolong partial unemployment benefits until 31 March 2021.

“We expect the crisis to last at least until December. The government has decided that to truly tackle the situation, it was necessary to prolong partial unemployment benefits until 31 March 2021,” Didier Gamerdinger, Monaco’s Minister of Health and Social Affairs, told Monaco Info.

9 million euros to prolong partial unemployment

Prolonging the temporary unemployment fund, set up in April, will cost the state 9 million euros. No documents will be required for people working in “heavily affected sectors”, such as the event, culture, and hotel industry, as well as all employees working in culture, leisure, sports, travel, restaurants, small businesses and nightclubs. For industries that have been only partially affected by the crisis, access to unemployment benefits will require proof of a 30% drop in turnover.

“Considering that partial unemployment is intended to help the employee return to work, anyone receiving it must continue to work,” said Monaco’s Minister of State on 5 October.

If the employer has put in place a redundancy scheme, Monaco will take in charge 70% of the employee’s salary, instead of 80%. One such employer is the SBM, who recently announced a restructuring plan.