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German Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) keeps up and keeps on

Twitter Charles Leclerc

It’s been a rough season for Ferrari, so much so that even finishing within the points is welcomed news. After a promising qualifying, Leclerc settled for a modest but satisfying 7th at Sunday’s German Grand Prix. The race won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), saw Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) drop out.


After a brilliant qualifying, Charles Leclerc did not keep his original 4th place for long. Despite a good start that threatened Max Verstappen’s (Red Bull) podium, Leclerc could not hold his ground against Daniel Ricciardo (Renault). After fighting back for a few laps, the Monégasque driver eventually gave in to Ricciardo, who finished 3rd.

Keeping up with his track record

The safety car was bad news for Leclerc, who dropped back another place. Ranking 6th, right behind his future Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz (McLaren), Leclerc medium tyred Ferrari was soon overtaken by French driver Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri). Thankfully, Leclerc managed to keep his 7th place out of the reach of Nico Hülkenberg’s Racing Point RP20.

After finishing 6th at the Russian Grand Prix a fortnight ago, Charles Leclerc remains true to his track record, once again scoring points for Scuderia Ferrari, which has had a more than abysmal season. The Monégasque driver is currently 8th in F1 standings.

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