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Monaco’s fight against Covid-19: a photo essay honours everyday heroes

Crois-Rouge mon├ęgasque
Croix-Rouge mon├ęgasque


Covid-19 has put nurses through hell. In honour of their sacrifice, the Monaco Red Cross and the National Association of Monaco Nurses commissioned a photo essay to bear witness to their work, as well as that of other Monegasque institutions involved in the fight against the virus.

From young volunteers to medical professionals, people from all walks of life have done their best to help Monaco during the pandemic. To honour their commitment, the Monaco Red Cross commissioned Nick Danziger to capture these everyday heroes. the result is a photo essay that displays a profound sense of hope and humanity.

A photo essay by Nick Danziger

Danzinger is a photographer, filmmaker, travel writer, and journalist. When he takes pictures, there is one rule he always follows: in order to preserve a sense of spontaneity, he never stops to look at the pictures he’s just shot on the display.

Even if fear and anxiety are often present when they’re confronted with the danger posed by coronavirus, all these workers, volunteers and employees show exemplary courage and dedication.

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Whilst we had equipment and time to prepare in Monaco, at the hospital in Mulhouse, where we volunteered to relieve the teams, it was more complicated.

┬ę Nick Danziger for the Monaco Red Cross

Our work is different from other countries: we are particularly close to the population, to help them, to protect them, to work for the common good.

┬ę Nick Danziger for the Monaco Red Cross

Discover “Everyday Heroes”, the photo essay capturing Monaco’s fight against Covid-19┬á