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Covid-19: Monaco sees 75% drop in cases over period of one month

Monaco coronavirus control masks
Monaco Tribune

Now that coronavirus cases are officially down, the socio-economic impact of the pandemic is at the heart of the debate.

In the last month, Monaco’s incidence rate dropped by 75% and the rate of hospitalisations by 50%, announced the country’s coronavirus task force. The government is now planning to soften current restrictive measures, for instance by allowing sports.

The government stands by businesses

Monaco’s coronavirus task force also discussed the social and economic impact of the crisis. The government said that financial aid would continue to be available, and added that it would increase support for the most affected sectors. “We will continue to support craftsmen, taxi drivers, as well as businesses to mitigate the risk of closure,” said Jean Castellini, Monaco’s Minister of Finance.

The fate of Monaco-Ville

The businesses of Monaco-Ville are amongst the ones most affected by the pandemic because they rely heavily on tourists for their income. “In order to get people to go to the rock, we are going to offer a free taxi service, which will be financed one-third by commerce and two-thirds by the Government”, announced the task force.

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