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COVID-19: hospitals in Alpes-Maritime region almost overwhelmed

Nice University Hospital
Nice University Hospital

Case numbers continue to climb along the Cîte d’Azur. On 21 January, Monaco recorded a further 25 thus bringing the total number to 1287 since the pandemic began.


There is not only an increase in positive cases, but in hospital admissions too. Currently 142 people are in self-isolation, with a further 42 being treated at the Princess Grace Hospital. According to doctors, eight of these patients are in intensive care. However, the medical team assures they have everything under control. The Princess Grace Hospital has 16 spare beds reserved for Covid patients, as well as those who may go on to develop pneumonia. Not only this, but if needed, capacity could be further increased to 30 beds.

A pressure like never before

Romain Alexandre, Representative from Cîte d’Azur Regional Health Agency

A strain on services in Alpes-Maritime region

The figures are no better in the Alpes-Maritime region. Here, 84 people are being treated in intensive care. Some hospitals are almost at full capacity with 96.6% of beds currently occupied. As a result, patients are being transferred to quieter hospitals in other regions to prevent the health care system becoming overwhelmed.

Having seen the figures, Switzerland has enforced a quarantine period for travellers from Monaco and the French Riviera. This new measure will come into action from 1 February 2021.