In brief

Prince Albert II opens Monaco’s new vaccination centre

Government of the Principality

On Monday 26 January, Prince Albert II officially opened the new Covid-19 vaccination centre in the Grimaldi Forum.


Accompanied by the Minister of State and the President of the National Council, Prince Albert II inaugurated Monaco’s new vaccination centre this week. The Grimaldi Forum will replace the Léo-Ferré concert hall, as the former vaccination site is now set to become a testing centre. Chosen for its larger size, more people will be vaccinated in the Forum than in the concert hall: it is hoped that 600 vaccinations will be administered daily. Not only this, but jabs will be given much more quickly, as appointments are expected to take just 30 minutes.

Who is eligible for the vaccine?

The vaccine roll out is well under way in the Principality. As of last Tuesday, 2,700 people had been vaccinated. Currently, all those aged over 65 are eligible for a dose. However, anyone under 65 considered “high risk” due to underlying health conditions, may also receive the jab, as long as they provide a medical certificate. Once everyone living in the Principality has been inoculated, commuters will then become eligible.

How do I book an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine?