Yachting capital of the world: meet the organisations putting Monaco on the map

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Situated on the Mediterranean coast with three ports to its name, Monaco is the perfect location for yachting. Recognising this, several organisations have united to promote the PrincipalityÔÇÖs yachting prowess and encourage greater communication and engagement in the yachting community worldwide.


According to Prince Albert II, Monaco is not only the capital of luxury yachting, but most importantly, the capital of sustainable yachting. In order to promote the Principality on the worldÔÇÖs stage, ambitious projects have been launched by the following organisations: The International University of Monaco (IUM), Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco (YPY Monaco), Cluster Yachting Monaco and Onboard with Marcela.

Education and industry based activities and events, as well as top-down initiatives from government policy makers will highlight the excellence and sustainable values present in MonacoÔÇÖs yachting. It is hoped that more people will get involved with the activity, connect with one another and succeed in the industry.

What are some of the projects?

There is something for everyone. Students can enrol in Luxury Management and Marketing degrees at the IUM and anyone aged under 40 can take part in networking events hosted by Young professionals in Yachting. For those with something new to add to the industry, the Mark Challenge is a business plan competition, which rewards the best innovative projects in Yachting. As well as this, Cluster Yachting Monaco works closely with the Mon├ęgasque government to implement change at a higher level.

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