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Prince Albert II opens up about being a father to twins Gabriella and Jacques

Prince's Palace of Monaco

Prince Albert II may be the Principality’s head of state, but to his six-year-old twins, they simply know him as dad. During an interview this month with People magazine, the Sovereign spoke candidly about fatherhood and just how different the youngsters can be from one another.


After marrying in 2011, Prince Albert II and Princess Charl├Ęne welcomed their twins into the world three years later. As the babies grew older, they each took on a personality of their own. The Sovereign spoke of Gabriella’s confidence, how compared with Jacques, she is “a little more outgoing and definitely has the gift of gab.” Despite the Hereditary Prince being “a little more shy and a little quieter,” his father was keen to point out his sense of humour, as his son can “come up with some very funny things.”

Although the twins are part of the Princely Family, their father wants them to enjoy their childhoods ands trys not “to put them in the spotlight too much.” They are to enjoy everything fun that comes with being young, be it singing and dancing, as Gabriella enjoys so much, or the excitement of learning.

From parenting to teaching

As the school gates closed and classroom doors shut, parents all over the world have been faced with the task of home schooling their children during the pandemic. When asked how he was finding his role as teacher, Prince Albert joked that the twins “are not doing calculus or anything like that yet, which is what I’ll have a problem with!” Apparently, they are “very curious about geography and science” and “went through a whole phase of wanting to know all about the oceans and planets.”

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