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World Wildlife Day celebrated in the Principality

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Wednesday 3 March 2021 marked the seventh edition of World Wildlife Day, created by the United Nations. Focusing on endangered forests and ecosystems for this year’s event, the Princely Government encouraged people in Monaco to use social media to get involved.

As climate change worsens and our planet faces greater threats, the world’s ecosystems are in danger. In an effort to celebrate highlight the problem, the United Nations has themed the 2021 edition of World Wildlife Day around “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. Today, between 200 and 350 million people live near forests, and the Principality wants to recognise their importance, encouraging those living in Monaco to celebrate and share the event online.


Covid-19 is a threat to forest ecosystems

Forests are incredibly important for many species. Home to 80% of Earth’s biodiversity, those living in forested areas depend on them for food, shelter and medicines. Although climate change is posing problems, it is not the only threat to this ecosystem. The social, economic and health implications of the coronavirus pandemic are having a negative impact on the habitats and biodiversity here too.

Protecting wildlife has always been important to the Principality, and the Prince Albert II Foundation is once again finding new ways to help with the environmental struggles. From the 22 February to the 28 March 2021, they are holding a wildlife photography competition. Via the online platform Photocrowd, participants can submit up to five photos across a range of categories, including “reasons for hope” and “wildlife in crisis”. Want to see the best photos? Make sure not to miss the exhibition being held from the 4 May to the 1 June in Monaco.