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Monaco collects vital food packages as India suffers from new wave of pandemic


As Covid deaths in India sore, Child CARE Monaco has launched an initiative to raise funds and send essential food supplies to victims of the pandemic as the country has become overwhelmed by a virus new wave.


Whilst Europe rolls out the vaccine and lockdown measures are beginning to ease, over in India hospitals are overwhelmed, oxygen supplies have been exhausted and families are struggling to feed themselves. As the news of the devastation unfolds, organisations across the globe have been responding with solidarity, desperately trying to support victims.

Martine Ackermann, founder of Child CARE Monaco, an organisation providing education to underprivileged children in India since 2012, has also been helping during this crisis. In a mission to assist the country, Child CARE Monaco has launched an appeal for donations to supply food kits to families. No matter how big or small, all donations are welcome, via both cheque and bank transfer. For just 42 euros, the organisation is able to send lentils, rice, flour, soap, face masks and other essential items to support a family of 8 for a whole month.

A global response to a cry for help

Alarmed by the figures in India, other organisations are also rallying to help calm this new wave of the virus. In a bid to ensure poorer countries have equal access to vaccines, UNICEF is crowdfunding to help deliver 2 billion doses around the world, along with millions of other crucial healthcare treatments. UNICEF believes that nobody should be left behind in the race against Covid-19, and since more than a million pounds have already been raised, it seems their belief is shared by many.