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Top 5 summer activities for kids in and around Monaco

Organisation SOS Grand Bleu

Go dolphin watching onboard a vintage sailboat, stargaze and discover Indian legends, race against time in a 1901 expedition simulation or pretend to be a marine biologist for the day. These are just some of the exciting family activities on offer in and around Monaco this month.

1. Stargazing a stone’s throw from Monaco

High up in the hills of Eze, the organisation Parsec is offering stargazing evenings from their open-air venue Astrorama, located in the fort de la Revère. “There is no light pollution around here,” explains Sophie Berger, director of the organisation. Learn more about the solar system, stargaze and pick out the constellations, “such as Hercules, who looks like a warrior, or the Great Bear, as told by a beautiful Indian legend.” Up here, there are so many activities that “spark a passion for science in youngsters and that we hope, will inspire their future careers!”


For more information, visit Astrorama

If you’re really lucky, on the same day, you can see ocean sunfish, loggerhead sea turtles, blue and white dolphins, and even the largest dolphins out there: Flippers!

Murielle Oriol, Director of the organisation SOS Grand Bleu

2. Marvel at dolphins from a vintage sailing boat

The organisation SOS Grand Bleu offers families the opportunity to travel on board a replica of a 16th century sailing boat, taking them on a sea excursion from Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to the Pelagos Sanctuary. “If you’re really lucky, on the same day, you can see ocean sunfish, loggerhead sea turtles, blue and white dolphins, and even the largest dolphins out there: Flippers,” explains Murielle Oriol, who manages the organisation. Some trips come with other surprises in store: “a few rays and swordfishes!” Every outing is also a chance to raise awareness amongst young people about ocean pollution and the need to protect different species. “These trips are a great source of educational support, and we make the most of them by collecting bits of rubbish with a net.”

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© The organisation SOS Grand Bleu

To book your excursion, visit SOS Grand Bleu

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3. Embark on an expedition in the waters of Cap Vert

Close your eyes and pretend you are back in 1901. You set off to explore the deep-sea world below the waters of Cap Vert, when all of a sudden, a huge storm calls off your expedition. Sounds exciting? Then try the escape game, open to ages 7+, at Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum. Will you be able to work together to solve the puzzles, crack the codes and bring the hidden sea treasures back to shore?

Escape Game Monaco's Oceanographic Museum Activity family children
Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum – M Dagnino

Book your escape game on the Oceanographic Museum website.

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4. Experience the life of a marine biologist

Feed the turtles and get up close to marine life at Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum from the 28 June to 3 September. Grab a little net and scoop up different species from the museum’s waters and learn more about the wildlife living in our oceans. As part of the museum’s “Club Oceano” children will have the chance to learn more about the plants and animals living in the deep blue across a five-day discovery experience. Ever wanted to know what life as a marine biologist is like, now is your chance!

Club Oceano Monaco's Oceanographic Museum
© Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum – M Dagnino / Club Oceano Discovery Programme.

To sign your child up to this discovery programme, fill in the form here.

5. Take a safari in the heart of the Monts d’Azur

Riding in a horse-drawn carriage, enjoy the incredible nature as you pass by European buffalo, wild horses, deer, elks and the infamous king of the forest: the red deer. Look up and if you are really lucky you might just get to see a golden eagle! Nestled at the foot of some rather rocky, imposing cliffs, the Animal Reservation of the Monts d’Azur offers a unique experience. Located in the North of the Alpes-Maritimes department, these 700 hectares of open-space allows visitors to meet up to 100 of nature’s most beautiful wildlife species.

For more information, visit Animal Reservation of the Monts d’Azur

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