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Monaco makes practical commitment to clearer skies

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7 September was International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

Behind this poetic name lies the will of the United Nations General Assembly to raise public awareness about air quality. Monaco is similarly storongly committed to addressing health and environmental issues within the Principality.

Air quality in Monaco is a vital issue that has been the focus of the Environment Department‘s efforts for several years. In 2019, a milestone was reached when Monaco joined the BreatheLife – Respire la Vie network, which monitors the clean air objectives set by the UN, with 2030 as its target.  Five stations have been set up in the Principality to measure the AQI (Air Quality Index) precisely every day.  The result?  A better understanding of pollution spikes, so we can manage and avoid them.

Cleaner methods of transport

In terms of mobility, Monaco continues to encourage travel by public transport, sea shuttles and car sharing. Atmospheric pollution caused by road traffic is a reality, made even more apparent by the noticeable improvement in air quality during lockdown… This is why the government is offering subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and encouraging the use of biofuel. The best solution, however, is to take your bike!

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