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The ‘Annales Monégasques’ honour military history and Prince Albert I

annales monegasques
Palais Princier de Monaco

The 45th issue of the Annales monégasques. Monaco History Review is out: a chance to delve into the history of the Prince’s Palace and the Principality.

Here is a Christmas gift idea that should delight scholars and culture enthusiasts. The Annales Monégasques “Historical Review of Monaco”  have unveiled the contents of their 45th issue. Military history features strongly in this publication from the precious archives of the Prince’s Palace.


In this issue, you’ll find a focus on the military career of Prince Honoré III at the head of the Monaco regiment during the Austrian War of Succession. There is also a study of the lifestyle of soldiers in the Spanish garrison in Monaco. An unpublished testimony recounts their expulsion from the Principality on November 17, 1641.

Tribute to an illustrious navigator

As the commemorations of the centenary of the death of Prince Albert I approach, Annales monégasques explores his seminal work: The career of a navigator, published in 1902. The magazine also reviews the portrait of Jeanne Grimaldi Trivulce, sister to Honoré II, the two medals struck at the Prince’s Palace at the end of the reign of Prince Honoré V and the library in Lichtenstein castle, part of Princess Florestine of Monaco’s estate.

Price: €30 (subscription to the review gives online access to all articles since 1977 and at a reduced price of €25).

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