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In brief

A historic chess tournament to commemorate Prince Albert 1st

The Monegasque Chess Federation is organising the “Simultanée Prince Albert I” in memory of the chess tournaments from 1901 to 1904 at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

As part of the commemorative events marking the Centenary of Prince Albert I’s death, the Monte-Carlo Atrium will be the venue for the chess tournament, which will be held on 26 February from 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


Scheduled events

In the tournament, 32 young players from the Monte-Carlo Chess Club will have the chance to challenge two of the discipline’s best players. They are Swedish International Grand Master, Pia Cramling (58 years old), and the Franco-Moldavian International Master, Almira Skripchenko (46 years old). Each of the two champions will face 16 players simultaneously. The Alpes-Maritimes U8 to U16 chess champions will also take part.

During the gala weekend, two other tournaments – youth and VIP – will also take place at the Hôtel Hermitage, on Sunday 27 February (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

The Prince Albert I Cup

During the 1901-1904 games, Prince Albert I recognised the appeal of these tactical table-top duels for the public. The attendance of great champions added to the attraction. This is why an artistic cup was awarded for the first time in 1903. It is an individual award for a particular player who has distinguished him or herself through his or her recent performances.

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This year, the cup will be awarded to Pia Cramling. The Swedish player has won eight European Women’s Club Cups playing for the Monte-Carlo Chess Club.