The documentary, directed by Douglas Watikin, features the relationship between Prince Albert II and Australian artist Alick Tipoti in a very inspiring natural journey.

After its six nominations for the 2021 ASIN Awards, “Alick and Albert” is one of five films to receive an award at the 19th Oceania International documentary film festival (FIFO).

The arts of the peoples of the sea

The 90-minute documentary chronicles the discussions between Alick Tipoti and Prince Albert II.  They met at the “Taba Naba: Australia, Oceania, arts of the peoples of the sea” exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, in 2016.

The conversation between the two major figures continued on Badu Island, in the Torres Strait in northern Australia in 2018, during a Monaco Explorations mission. Then continued in Monaco, in 2019.

A pressing issue for everyone

The documentary film “Alick and Albert” considers the relationship between Man and Nature in today’s world. It also transmits a universal message to all audiences: that of peace, tolerance, dialogue between different cultures and harmony between the human world and that of the ocean.

The jury was very impressed by this film

Beckie Stocchetti, Executive Director of the Hawaii International Film Festival

The FIFO special jury prize is a recognition that the film “showcases indigenous art and communicates one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. This film “acts as an inspiration for all of us”, to protect our oceans and “all the marine life that thrives from them”.