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A Monegasque evening with an Italian flavour

soiree italienne marche condamine (1)
Monaco Tribune

The Italian evening was in full swing at the Contamine market on Tuesday evening. Monaco Tribune takes you there.

6:45 pm: the various stands and restaurants on the market are getting busy. The first Italian assortments appear on the counters. Cold cuts, pizzas and cheeses are put on display. The evening is scheduled to begin at 7 pm. but some curious people are starting to wander the aisles. The tables are decorated in the colours of Italy with, in front of each square, a symbolic “Benvenuti“.


“Do you still have room inside?” one family wonders. The immediate reply from the restaurant owner: “No, everything is fully booked!” More than 200 people will be able to come in to the market. On the tables, several pizzas are already out, ranging from the classic Margarita to a version with truffles. Plates of the traditional Pasta soon join them, to the delight of the customers.

There’s a bit of a buzz about the place. People are chatting, in Italian or French, laughing and eating with the family, from grandchildren to grandparents. At the back of the room, three musicians and singers set the mood, and are rewarded by warm applause at the end of each (alternately Italian or French) song.