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Best behaviour at automotive events please!

In the event of a Highway Code violation, the vehicle will immediately be impounded for 120 hours, during the Grand Prix and the Top Marques exhibition. © Communication Department

“Stricter measures during events that may lead to inappropriate behaviour and dangerous conduct by drivers of high powered vehicles on the public highway.” The Prince’s Government made its intentions clear.

As the Monaco Grand Prix and Top Marques event approach, they do not want a repeat of what happened in 2018. Dozens of vehicles and hundreds of people took to the streets near the Fairmont Hotel, leading to dangerous behaviour.


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The Principality wishes to “curb the phenomena mentioned (sports car rallies, ed.) as much as possible”. This year, the influencer GMK was named ambassador for the Top Marques event, and it is hoped that his many followers will heed his message of restraint. In addition, and as in 2019, the duration for which vehicles in breach of the law are impounded, is increased during the following events:

  • 13th Historic Grand Prix – 13 to 15 May 2022 ;
  • 79th Monaco F1 Grand Prix – 26 yo 29 May 2022 ;
  •  Top Marques 2022 exhibition – 8 to 12 June 2022.

In the event of a violation of traffic regulations, vehicles will be impounded for an extended period of 120 hours.

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