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What we know about the fire on Avenue d’Ostende

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Monaco Tribune

Seven scooters and an electric bike were burned.

The investigation is still ongoing. Two days after the incident, Monaco’s fire brigade is still unaware of the cause of the fire involving two-wheelers that broke out on Monday 30 May at the corner of Avenue d’Ostende and Avenue de la Costa.


When the firefighters arrived, seven scooters and an electric bicycle were ablaze. “A second vehicle was dispatched to the site, to remove the two-wheeled vehicles nearby and prevent the spread of flames,” says Lieutenant Sacany.

At the same time, Major Daffara, who was on site, witnessed a large amount of smoke, “which worried the residents,” adds Lieutenant Sacany.

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Fortunately, the firefighters were able to extinguish the fire quickly and no one was injured. Costa Avenue was closed to traffic. Alternating traffic was possible on Avenue d’Ostende.

The investigation to determine the causes of the fire is still ongoing. “A very rare phenomenon outdoors in Monaco,” says Lieutenant Sacany.