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Sergiy Gladyr (AS Monaco Basket): “The Roca Team’s success is all about consistency”

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AS Monaco Basket

The former Roca Team star and current assistant coach to Sasa Obradovic, Sergiy Gladyr spoke at the SPORTEL Awards about how AS Monaco Basket has changed since his arrival on the Rock in 2015.

What is your view on the team’s excellent start to the season?


We built the team to get these results. But it has meant putting in a lot of hours. The team, the staff, everyone gives their best to achieve our goals.

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Is this the best Roca Team you have seen?

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It is certainly the most experienced. And when I say experienced, I’m talking about experience in the championship, but especially in the Euroleague. Even the younger players, with great potential, already have a lot of experience. We have a well-balanced team that is full of talent. Our players are impressive. But even though we have the strongest team in our history, anything can happen in basketball. We shouldn’t get too big for our boots.

I am mainly involved in scouting for the team

Sergiy Gladyr

When you look back and see how far the club has come since your first season, how do you feel?

I feel like hard work and consistency have paid off. The club gets more structured with each passing year. The budget is growing. The club is evolving step by step. The staff and players are improving every year. The Roca Team’s success is all about consistency.

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What is your role in the team?

I am the third assistant. I am mainly involved in scouting for the team. I help the coach to prepare for matches, by looking at the opponents, their game, etc. I also learn a lot from the other staff members. I’m trying to gain as much experience as possible so that one day I can become head coach. But before that, I want to do everything I can to help the Roca Team win another title.

We want to win the French championship

Sergiy Gladyr

This year, there is also the completely refurbished Gaston-Médecin sports hall…

(interrupts) For sure, it’s incredible. It’s a huge advantage for us and I hope we will have a lot of matches in a packed hall. The hall itself is further proof that the club has moved into another dimension. We can see how far we have come. I am very happy to be part of this great adventure.

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Your ambition is plain to see, what are the objectives for AS Monaco Basket this season?

We want to win the French championship. That’s the main objective. And why not the Euroleague? We can dare to dream. We could win that trophy one day.