What is it like to be a Monaco bus driver?

conducteur de bus Franck monaco
Monaco Tribune

We spent a full working day with Franck, who has been a bus driver in Monaco for 10 years. 


Did you know that there are nearly a hundred bus drivers working in Monaco alone? Every day, a number of them take the wheel of dozens of buses and drove you where you need to go, all day long. We asked Franck, a driver with the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco, if we could hop on board with him for a day. Franck is 46 years old and almost every day he drives these long vehicles through the streets of the Principality. “You never get bored in this job,” he says.

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In this video, you will learn about Franck’s detailed schedule starting at daybreak, how his day’s driving unfolds, but also behind the scenes of his job, and his feelings about it. Monaco Tribune presents its new video format: “A day in the life of…”.

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