MonGuichet includes online driver’s licence exchange form

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More than 700 Monegasque residents applied for it each year.


The Principality’s digital transition continues. To further improve Monaco’s attractivity and to simplify administrative procedures, the Government has now made it possible for foreigners to apply for a Monegasque driving licence directly online at

“Each year, more than 700 foreign driving licences are ‘traded in’ for Monegasque ones. This new online service is more convenient for users to carry out their procedures,” explains Aurélie Peri, Head of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

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With this new service, all residents with a driving licence that is valid and recognised by the Principality will be able to upload the necessary documentation and collect their new licence from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

As a reminder, went online at the end of last year and contains more than 80 everyday forms to make life easier for the inhabitants of Monaco.

To submit your application, head over to, “Transport and mobility/ Driving licence”.