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Vehicles impounded for longer during automotive events in Monaco

In the event of a Highway Code violation, the vehicle will immediately be impounded for 120 hours, during the Grand Prix and the Top Marques exhibition. © Communication Department

As the Monaco Grand Prix and the Top Marques trade show draw near, the Prince’s Government is once again stating its intention to make sure there is order on the Principality’s streets. 

This is a reminder that the Monegasque authorities issue every year. The announcement is made given “the fact that certain particularly attractive events can result in large numbers of vehicles that are likely to cause significant public order issues.”


The government points out that “these sports car gatherings give rise to proven traffic offences and inappropriate and dangerous behaviour.”

The gatherings in question are the Monaco Grand Prix and the Top Marques trade show, which are held within a few weeks of each other and which the Principality wishes to “contain as much as possible.”

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As in previous editions, the duration for impounding offending vehicles will be increased during both events:

–          80th Monaco F1 Grand-Prix F1 – 25 to 28 May 2023

–         Top Marques 2023 exhibition – 7 to 11 June 2023

In the event of a violation of traffic regulations, vehicles will be impounded for an extended period of 120 hours.

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