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Monaco pools its forces to fight two common cancers in Senegal

The partnership was signed at the CHPG on Thursday 11 April - © Gouvernement de Monaco

Namely, breast cancer and pelvic cancers. 

The Cuomo Foundation, the AME International non-profit, the CHPG and the Prince’s Government are joining forces to enable patients at the Pikine National Hospital (CHNP) in Dakar, Senegal, to receive much less invasive treatment.


They plan to pass on a technique, already in use at the CHPG, that enables affected sentinel lymph nodes to be detected quickly and effectively, and removed without surgery. With appropriate equipment, financed by the Cuomo Foundation and AME-International, and training provided by specialists from the Monegasque hospital, both on site and in the Principality, Pikine hospital will be able to offer these cutting-edge treatments to its patients, both in Senegal and throughout the sub-Saharan region.

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“What they were really lacking was detection of the sentinel lymph node, which we use here, and which means we only need to remove the first lymph node in the chain. This makes a huge difference to surgical outcomes,” Jacques Raiga told Monaco Info. The deputy head of gynaecology at the CHPG also said that ten surgeons had been trained in the Principality.