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CATS Business Centre celebrates 30 years of success and innovation

cats business center
© CATS Business Center

Founded in 1994 by Odile Quéré, CATS Business Center welcomes and supports both small and large companies from the Principality and beyond. For 30 years now, the founder has been giving her all to offer her customers the very best, in a spirit of kindness and well-being.

In the heart of the Monte-Carlo district, the two CATS Business Centre premises are home to entrepreneurs who are not only seeking success but also superior quality of life at work. Odile Quéré has been making this her priority for three decades now, having founded Monaco’s first exclusive shared office business centre. Little-known at the time, the concept was initially rejected by the Monegasque authorities, but today it represents 20% of the Principality’s economic fabric.

© CATS Business Center

Tending to customers’ needs

A great visionary, Odile Quéré doesn’t do things by halves. Since creating CATS BC, her primary concern has been the well-being of her customers. Well-being rooms with dune loungers and sophrology programmes, osmosis water, air and negative wave purifiers, relaxation activities, personalised support… Everything is designed to create a working environment that is conducive to the fulfilment and success of its customers. In fact the founder calls this philosophy ‘Work & Care’.

© CATS Business Center

Ms Quéré and her team put great store in human relations, with the organisation of “Meet & Drink” events, where entrepreneurs and the CATS BC team can meet up and discuss a given topic over a drink. Throughout the year, the President also organises cultural outings, dinners and personalised festive evenings.

Moving with the times

Although she is a pioneer in the Principality’s shared office market, Ms Quéré is not resting on her laurels. In her view, you have to constantly be ahead of the game to keep up with trends and anticipate your customers’ needs.

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“I’ve been listening to business leaders for over 30 years, I know them through and through and I try to give them the best in their workspace, with high standards of service and support. I’ve even helped some people who didn’t think Monaco was right for them. They followed my advice and today they are happy and fulfilled. They feel supported, they are no longer alone,” she explains.

Also President of the Chambre Patronale Monégasque des Centres d’Affaires (CPMCA – Monaco’s Business Centre Chamber), Ms Quéré is faced with entrepreneurial challenges on a daily basis. A role that means she is well aware of today’s issues and tomorrow’s challenges.

Odile Quéré, President and Founder of CATS Business Centres © CATS Business Center

When asked, “Why choose your business centre rather than another one?” the business owner answers without a moment’s hesitation: “As a pioneer, I know this business inside out. I know everyone here so I can give my customers the best possible guidance. This reputation has grown over the years. You have to challenge yourself, constantly. Stretching your comfort zones, always going the extra mile. It’s challenging, that’s what I like about it.”

At her side, Dorian Polizzi, who deals with the communications aspect for the centre, adds: ” The fact that we have packages tailored to suit new companies is a revolution in itself, because typically I think that most of these companies don’t have the means to rent their own office space in Monaco. CATS Business Center has succeeded in developing plans that are suited to the different stages a company can go through.”

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In this thirtieth anniversary year, Odile Quéré and her team are looking forward to taking on new challenges, including the opening of a third address in the Principality and many other surprises to support the success and well-being of Monegasque and international companies.

Practical information:

  • 1 and 28 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte 98000 Monaco
  • +377 93 10 54 54