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Prince Albert II celebrates Olympic Day with Principality schoolchildren

© Communication Department / Michael Alesi

With the Olympic Games in Paris just a few weeks away, Monaco celebrated Olympic Day in the presence of Prince Albert II, with the aim of instilling the fundamental values of sport and Olympism in its young people.

Organised by the Monegasque Olympic Committee (COM), the day gave the best CM1 pupils (year 5, US grade 4) the chance to take part in Olympic sports, in the Espace Saint-Antoine. Around 120 young athletes, selected from over 420 pupils in the Principality, took part in different workshops under the supervision of Olympic athletes.


The activities included sprinting, hurdles, star jumps and frog jumps, precision throwing, and a mixed middle-distance relay race. Saint-Charles School came out on top, winning the event ahead of Francis of Assisi – Nicolas Barré and Fontvieille.

Prince Albert II, President of the COM, encouraged the young participants during the events and stressed the importance of the Olympic values: excellence, respect and friendship.

In her speech, Yvette Lambin Berti, Secretary General of the COM, explained to students “Whether you are running, playing, or trying to help your friends, remember the Olympic spirit. Strive for excellence in what you do, build strong friendships and show respect for everyone you meet.”

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Photo credits: © Communication department / Manuel Vitali.