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Spring 2024, one of the wettest in history

France hasn't had such arainy spring since 2008 © Monaco Tribune

Twice as much rain as normal fell on the French Riviera.

Météo-France has recorded the amount of rain since March 1, 2024 and this (meteorological) spring is reportedly the fourth wettest since 1959.


We have to go back 16 years, to 2008, to find a spring as rainy as this year’s. May, in particular, saw exceptional rainfall, well above seasonal averages.

45% more rainfall compared to the seasonal norms, in fact, and close to the records of 2001 (+57%), 1983 (+52%) and 2008 (+47%). The second striking statistic is that all over France, apart from Corsica and the Mediterranean basin, it has rained one day in three over the last three months.

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According to Météo-France’s report, in the Poitou, Charentes, northern Alsace and Lorraine regions as well as Ardèche Cevennes and the Côte d’Azur, twice as much rain as fell as usual.

Flooding caused extensive material damage in the most exposed areas, affective many mainland regions (Burgundy, Centre-Ouest, Alsace and Lorraine, Aisne). Experts stress the importance of remaining vigilant during these increasingly extreme weather events.

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