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2023, second hottest year in the Principality

The August 19 to 25 heatwave is considered among the hottest on record since 1963, with an average temperature of 30.1°C - © Monaco Tribune / Paul Charoy

Temperatures were high once again in Monaco in 2023.


2023 is the second-warmest year after 2022. The Monaco Stastics (IMSEE) annual weather report attests to above normal temperatures. For the second consecutive year, average temperatures reached 18°C.


This was in large part due to the warm temperatures that carried on into the early autumn. September and October were very mild, with an average of 23.7°C and 20.3°C respectively.

The summer was also extremely hot. During the heatwaves, the temperature high point was 34.9°C, recorded on August 24, 2023. This places 2023 just behind 2022’s record of 35.1°C.

The year’s trends also confirm those observed since the 1970s. Each decade shows a temperature average that is higher than the previous one.


An exceptional drought

In 2023, IMSEE also recorded an average rainfall of 436.4 mm, well below the norm of 794.5mm. It is one of the three driest years recorded in the last two decades (355.6 mm in 2001 and 336.6 mm in 2007).


In fact there were only 46 days of rain in 2023. With a recorded norm of 63 days, this further underlines the exceptional drought experienced in the region.