20 years and new prospects for the Monaco Economic Board


The year 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Monaco Economic Board’s┬áinception and the start of a range of projects. With 50 yearly events organized in sectors like tourism, the sciences, the environment, culture and of course trade, the association plays a key role in the development of the Principality’s economic activity.

Beginning March 21st, the board intends to extend its field of action by consolidating coordination between the diplomatic partners as well as public and semi-public entities. This coordination will help promote the smooth execution of operations abroad and maximize their effectiveness.


The coming months will be busy ones for the MEB with the accompaniment of the sovereign prince on an official trip to India in early February, an event in Vienna during a performance of the Monte-Carlo Opera in May and numerous promotional activities worldwide.

One day stands out among the others, as on March 21, 2019, when the association will turn 20 years-old. To mark the occasion, Guillaume Rose, former Director of Tourism and of Congress, will officially join the team as Executive Director General. He will be an important asset in the implementation of the board’s new strategy, as well as in the development of collaborations and opportunities with foreign partners. At the dawn of a new impetus in its operation, the Monaco Economic Board intends to make every effort to succeed in its missions.

*Originally published on the French Edition of the Monaco Tribune.