Through the voices of HRH Prince Albert II, the Archdiocese and Monaco City Hall, the Monegasque authorities have expressed their sadness and support for Paris following the tragic fire that ravaged its emblematic monument, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

It was 6:50 pm on April 15th when a plume of smoke began to rise from the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris. The information would travel around the world in just a few minutes: the cathedral, erected in 1153, is on fire. For the better part of the evening, firefighters battle against the blaze, which remained visible for several hours. In the course of the evening, many messages of support arrived from all over the world. In turn, the Archbishop of Monaco, Monsignor Bernard Barsi, declared that he was “praying in union with all the Catholics of France and in particular with the diocese of Paris and his Archbishop Michel Aupetit.”

Political and emotional support

As for the Palace, the reigning Prince also reacted to this serious incident, stating that he was “deeply moved and saddened” in the face of the disaster. His Highness also said that his “family and the people of Monaco are in solidarity with the Parisians in this event,” reminding everyone that the Cathedral is at once a “magnificent place of meditation for Catholics that went through the history of France but also [a] work admired by the whole world.”

In a statement posted on social networks, the Mayor of Monaco and members of the Communal Council expressed “their deep emotion in the face of the terrible fire that struck Notre-Dame de Paris” and reassured that “the City of Paris, the Parisian people, as well as Paris’ firefighters have their strongest solidarity.” Since this morning, many tributes and pledges from around the world attest to the commitment of many personalities to the masterpiece of Gothic architecture that was badly damaged that night.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.