Step by Step – A look at an art dealer’s collection at Villa Sauber

Step by Step - A look at an art dealer's collection at Villa Sauber
Step by Step - A look at an art dealer's collection at Villa Sauber

Until September 29th, the New National Museum of Monaco will present the exhibition – Step by Step – a look at the collection of an art dealer – at Villa Sauber. The show is a tribute to Fabrizio Moretti’s Monegasque collection.

Presented for the first time to the public, the Step by Step exhibition highlights the exceptional collection of Fabrizio Moretti through a selection of thirty-nine historic and contemporary works, following an exhibition project that explores the collector’s private “cosmogony”, driven by the vision of a dealer for whom paintings and sculptures were the essences of daily life.

A chronological journey and major works


Located on the two floors of Villa Sauber, the works are installed chronologically. On the ground floor, visitors will discover a group devoted to historic art before exploring contemporary art on the floor above, which houses such great names in contemporary art as Fontana, Gerhard Richter, Wade Tuymans, and George Condo.

Among the major works on display are the Flogging of Christ by Alessandro di Cristofano Allori (1535-1607) and the Madonna of Humility by Bartolomeo Vivarini (1440-1500), which curator Cristiano Raimondi echoes with a painting by Mela Muter (1876-1967) entitled Fran├žois le Bossu. Not to be missed either – Bernini’s Portrait of a young man, or Pontormo’s Virgin and Child.

Honored to be able to exhibit part of his collection at Villa Sauber, Fabrizio Moretti wanted to add to the NMNM’s growing collection by donating an enameled citron by Andrea della Robbia, dating from 1520.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.