“Footprints of Plants” – a public workshop at the Villa Paloma

Footprints of Plants - a public workshop at the Villa Paloma
Footprints of Plants - a public workshop at the Villa Paloma

This Saturday, May 11th at the Villa Paloma, The New National Museum of Monaco is proposing the public workshop “Footprints of Plants,” hosted by Camille Barlerin as part of the presentation of the work by Michel Blazy, “Collection de chaussures.”

Exhibited in the gardens of Villa Paloma, “Collection de chaussures” is a work by the French artist Michel Blazy, created for the 57th Venice Biennale. It consists of a frame within which a complex device presents and feeds plants seated in sneakers that have become planters. If the display borrows from commercial logic, the notion of framework induces a completely different relationship to nature and our responsibilities towards it.


A student in graphic editorial design, in 2017, Camille Barlerin created a box containing cards to be filled out, bags of seeds, and a USB key for the maintenance of the “Collection de chaussures.” Invited as part of the Care & Repair program, Camille Barlerin will lead the “Footprints of Plants” public workshop, in connection with the Collection de chaussures and the plants that were planted there.

Each participant will be invited to collaborate in the collective creation of a repertoire of plant species nestled in sneakers. Then, botanical and iconographic research work will lead to an editorial composition by each, with the ensemble being connected to complete the box.

Workshop from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Villa Paloma
Free participation, subject to availability: public@nmnm.mc

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.