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Charlotte Casiraghi covers Mexican Vogue

Charlotte Casiraghi covers Mexican Vogue
Charlotte Casiraghi covers Mexican Vogue

Her wedding was the summer event on the Rock. At age 33, Charlotte Casiraghi covers the Mexican edition of Vogue. In the interview she gave to the magazine, she revealed the loves that liberated her: that of philosophy and literature.

It’s definitely a summer in the spotlight for Charlotte Casiraghi. After a civil marriage to Dimitri Rassam on the Rock, then the religious wedding in Saint-Rémy de Provence in June, it is in the last issue of the Mexican edition of Vogue that all is revealed. Described as “bride of the year” on the cover, the young woman, who celebrated her 33rd birthday on August 3rd, returns to fashion and her inspirations, but also to her love of literature. In a series of photos by Chris Colls, Charlotte Casiraghi is more beautiful than ever.

Philosophy and literature for a sense of freedom

Graduate of the Sorbonne, president and founder of the Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi has been able to trace her own path, sometimes far from the Prince’s palace. As a mother of two, she says in the interview for Vogue that it is literature and philosophy that gave her the strength and courage to be herself. A way to put things in perspective in the face of the trials of life. No doubt that of asserting herself too, just as she did through a style that quickly elevated her to the status as a fashion icon. Today, projects are not lacking for the daughter of Princess Caroline, including the one to perhaps write a novel.


*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.