Camille Gottlieb’s declaration of love to her dog Léonie

Camille Gottlieb's declaration of love to her dog Léonie
Camille Gottlieb's declaration of love to her dog Léonie

Camille Gottlieb has many passions in life, but the one that drives her the most is probably the one she devotes to her little dog Léonie. And to prove her love, she got a second tattoo that pays tribute to him.

The youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Camille Gottlieb, 21, is full of surprises. Like having several tattoos on her body, including the one she got last March on her forearm in a Monegasque parlor, which has a special meaning for her: it was the name she gave her beloved dog Léonie and that she adopted a little over a year ago. A real statement for the animal, pampered as ever, as evidenced by the Instagram account of the young woman, where she does not hesitate to display her daily life with little Léonie, between trips together, gifts for her birthday, or sessions of canine shopping. Léonie is spoiled and loving life

A brand new tattoo

But that’s not all. Camille Gottlieb decided to go one step further to seal this love with a brand new tattoo she got on September 10, at the tenth edition of the Art Tattoo Monaco festival, which attracted even more people than usual. Camille took the opportunity to film her appointment with a tattoo artist and share it on social media to show her community the new tribute she made to Leonie: on her left ankle, a drawing representing a hand and a dog paw. A love engraved on her skin forever. A touching gesture that Léonie surely appreciated!

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.