The Café de Paris is on Spanish time

The Café de Paris is on Spanish time
The Café de Paris is on Spanish time

Until October 6th, it is possible to taste, at the Café de Paris, a whole bunch of Iberian specialties, as part of the Spanish gastronomic days. A welcome touch and change of scenery thanks to the musical animation that pairs with the food.

Going to the Café de Paris, the Monegasque brewery par excellence and its 150 years of experience, is already a pleasure for the taste buds and eyes in itself. One can head there for any occasion and know that they will enjoy a moment outside of time. But if the Cafe de Paris can not only take us through time, but also all the way to Spain, that is all the more reason to return!


Until October 6th, the Café de Paris is in partnership with Pepito Bellota, known for its Hispanic gastronomic specialties. A house born in Andalusia, which has been sharing the greatest Spanish specialties with gourmet eaters since 2014, even settling in Lyon, in the 6th arrondissement, to share the fruit of an extraordinary culinary passion, with chef Juanjo Andujar. Iberian or Valencian paellas, pasta with seafood and various planchas made from dried beef, Iberian Bellota ham, as well as tapas, with tortillas or boquerones are served.

Andalusian music also on the menu

At the Café de Paris, you will be able to taste Iberian sausages (including the famous pata negra ham), traditional dishes of the day and it is the world champion of cutting of Iberian ham that will serve you, José Manuel Hidalgo. And if you go to the brewery at night, it’s a whole Andalusian atmosphere that awaits with the presence of musicians and flamenco dancers who are straight from Malaga. Good meat and castanets on the program for these tasty Spanish Food Days.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.