This Thursday, November 28th, the princely family celebrated the American tradition of Thanksgiving, as did Princess Grace of Monaco. A tribute renewed each year and transmitted in turn to the young Jacques and Gabriella.

When Grace Kelly arrived on the Rock to become the timeless princess we know, she did not only bring with her talent and beauty. In her heart, she kept a place for her own childhood memories, her own traditions, which she imported and amalgamated with those of the Principality. And so since the birth of her children, in order to give them a window into their American heritage, the whole princely family celebrated, on the fourth Thursday of November, the feast of Thanksgiving with a delicious turkey meal. If the timing could not be respected, the turkey was served during the Christmas holidays. They sometimes had to go to American clubs in the region, for lack of turkey found in the Rock, as it could happen.

The united family around the turkey

These are strong memories that have remained dear in the memory of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco and his Sisters S.A.R. Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. Strong enough for the three children of Princess Grace to continue this American tradition with their families and thus pay tribute to their mother and their family in Philadelphia. And so this Thursday, November 28th, at the Prince’s Palace, Prince Albert II, his wife Charlene and their two children Jacques and Gabriella, have enjoyed a Thanksgiving turkey and created their own precious memories. Something special for Jacques and Gabriella, from now on, to continue enjoying with family and friends when they will be bigger!

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.