Represented by a delegation, Monaco took part in the first World Refugee Forum which took place in Switzerland on December 17th and 18th. Engaged with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as part of a cooperation agreement since 2010, the Principality was able to debate with the many other States but also renew its commitment to the UNHCR.

Last week, the world’s first refugee forum was held in Geneva. Organized by the United Nations and Switzerland, a Monegasque delegation was present to attend the event and take part in these two days of debate and sharing as well to engage new commitments. Among the issues addressed: education, employment, energy, and infrastructure, and also the sharing of burdens and responsibilities between the many States participating in the forum. This first edition will also have been an opportunity to present the different concrete achievements and practices implemented in each country.

Exchanges around the systems put in place and renewal of commitments

But beyond the ideas exchanged, it was a question of each delegation renewing its commitment to the Global Refugee Pact by pledges to contribute and other concrete actions. A commitment that Monaco takes to heart, having developed several partnerships with countries in Africa and the Middle East and supporting numerous research projects on forced displacement due to climate change, carried out by the High Commission for Refugees with which the Principality concluded a framework cooperation agreement almost 10 years ago.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.