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Monaco’s user guide to 5G

5G Monaco guide
Principality of Monaco

The Government of the Principality of Monaco has published its users guide to 5G answering the most frequently asked questions and providing information on how this technology will benefit Monegasque residents.


Monaco’s User Guide to 5G answers essential questions that Principality’s residents are most likely to ask about the rollout of the fifth generation wireless technology. 5G will help resolve the problem of network saturation in Monaco, guaranteeing optimum use of phones and mobile internet. The technology is set to benefit both private individuals and professionals.


Among some of the benefits of 5G the guide mentions smart buildings – optimising management of energy use in buildings, e-health – new remote healthcare services to treat patients on distance, entertainment – smooth streaming of TV shows or movies thanks to faster speeds, and safety – checking out destinations before travelling.

Many users wonder about any affects of 5G on their health. The guide addresses these worries by pointing out that the conclusions of health authorities have been unanimous. Radio waves have not been found to have any negative impact on health at the levels of exposure generated by wireless communications, and in particular mobile telephone networks. What’s more, there are regulations in place limiting the levels of exposure in the Principality.

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Fifth generation wireless technology

5G is the fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks. It is being rolled out worldwide to replace 4G. This new technology build on all previous generation and takes all their advantages, allowing to transfer much more data, much more quickly, while using less energy.

Monaco Telecom launched the total coverage of the Monegasque territory in 5G from the Hôtel de Paris in July 2019, making Monaco the first country fully covered by 5G. This major innovation reflects the operator’s leadership in the field and dedication to the future of connective technologies.

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