Police in Monaco enforce lockdown with 3,500 checks this weekend

Monaco’s Public Security Service
Monaco’s Public Security Service

Police in Monaco have increased checks in the Principality and at its borders to ensure that citizens follow the travel restrictions imposed by the Prince’s Government. The government published the figures, while reiterating its call for everyone to strictly obey the measures put in place. This is in further hope to protect the national coronavirus outbreak as far as possible.


On Saturday 4 April and Sunday 5 April, officials from the Police Department carried out just over 3,500 checks at the borders and within the Principality to prevent any holidaymakers from arriving in Monaco. The checks also ensured that no residents of Monaco left without valid cause. Roughly 200 people were told to return home, as they had directly gone against the “brief travel” option outlined in both French and Monegasque travel certificates.

The police have also imposed some 20 fines on individuals who could not sufficiently justify their reason for being outdoors. During checks carried out at the Principality’s border, nearly 120 vehicles were refused access to the territory.

A fine of up to 200 euros

The Prince’s Government reiterated its call for citizens to observe travel restrictions, while stressing that “under no circumstances may visits to family or friends be allowed. The same applies to travel to the countryside or on boats.” The government believes that these lockdown rules are “the most effective method of ensuring that health care systems can deal with the outbreak.”

The police forces in Monaco can fine offenders up to 200 euros per person.